It is an age-old question: why do pigeons constantly bob their heads back and forth? Some say it’s for vision, others an adaptation to avoid predators. The truth? They are constantly getting down to the slick, upbeat grooves of their slim brothers and sisters.

As the adage goes, the slimmer the pigeon the funkier the groove, the slimmer the pigeon the more that you’ll move. These pigeons are as slim as they come. So, expect a high energy blend of funk, disco, soul and 80’s groove that’ll leave you with a head bob fit for Trafalgar.

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Back On The Road Again..

Back On The Road Again After a brief layoff (due to Dan’s not wanting to embarrass the other skateboarders by appearing too good) the Pigeons

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Pigeon Down…but not out!

Pigeon down…but not out!! Sadly we have to announce that we have temporarily lost one of their members through an accident involving too much gravity

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